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At OMTech you will find your personal guide to cater for all your Internet needs. Be it the first site you are building or if you are a veteran of the virtual world, we can surely contribute our unique perspective by understanding your business or personal needs.

Cost Effective

OMTech is built by business men and experienced technology experts at your service.

We believe that each of our customers must receive the best product tailored to their needs while harnessing all of the abundance the world wide web has to offer.


OMTech understands that in the software development world, there has been a common practice of not reaching deadlines.

We at OMTech are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee deadline deliveries on time and the quality we committed to. 

Customers may choose to control and minimize their risk by using our unique system for deadline guarantee, simply defaulting payments if deadlines, as defined in the work plan, are not met.

We value our clients timetable and business constraints, we believe that the common practice of fluid deadlines should not be practiced.