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Another one of OM technologies services is pure consulting. On any subject that is related to Internet web site building , designing, hosting and more we are here to provide you with the most up to date information and analysis.



The ability to look at a business from “the big picture” view is essential in developing the right strategy and any resulting action plans for your site design, building and marketing. The big picture includes competitive intelligence, market research, strategy evaluation and technology assessment.



The Hi Tech sphere just like the army has so many abbreviations and specific lingo that for someone who is not from the industry makes understanding and determining the right solution a very hard task. When Wikipedia, etc. doesn’t make Flash, SEO, PPC, affiliates, conversion rate, bounce rate etc. clear enough for you, we will do our best to explain those terms and their meaning in a way an internet newbie can understand.



At OMTech we are able to take your Ecommerce site to new levels. You want to increase the revenue stream from your site, but not sure whether the conversion rate is low? Whether more traffic will generate more sales? Should I use affiliates, SEO, PPC? All these questions and more have a crucial impact on the way your site will perform.