A shop that is never closed

Is that so? You have spent a lot of time and effort designing, building, promoting your site and when the prospected customer arrives the door is closed… One of the greatest things about online presence is that it is always there. Your duty as the owner of that online presence is to make sure your hosting solution is the correct one and that it is always up and available.



Finding the right method of hosting for your online business is crucial. Where are your customers located (Europe? US? ) is there heavy duty video or audio you want them to enjoy? All these factors and more should be considered when choosing the right hosting solution for your online presence. There are various hosting services around the world that vary in quality and price. In this jungle of servers offerings the OMTech team can help you navigate.



After you’ve defined your needs and found the right type of hosting for your site, you must make sure that it is 100% reliable. You must know that you have who to call to (case needed) 24/7 365 days a year. Even after choosing that reliable provider, we would recommend enabling a monitoring service. There are various monitoring services that can help you sleep quietly knowing someone else is checking periodically that your site is up and running. Case the site isn’t on the air, you’ll receive an email or SMS as per your preference.