At OMTech we build the most suitable attractive website for your company or business. We cherish our customer’s need, if you want to design the site with our studio or if you already have a designer. We can build the site for you by any design requirements.



You application must comply with each browser so that any of your customers can be revealed to the design you’ve worked so hard to create. Explorer, Firefox, iPad, iPhone or Android , you site should be representative, functional and accessible to all your customers.


SEO compatibility

Almost immediately after your site is launched you are going to Google it and find out what the world’s most popular search engine thinks about your site. The OMTech team puts extreme importance on SEO tools to be embedded in your site. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the way to create the sidewalks, roads and pavements to your site. Each site we build has an integrated set of tools to enable you to easily control your SEO settings.



All sites that are built at OMTech can be self maintained by the customer. Since we are using content management systems to create your site, you will have full control to change various elements in the site in order to optimize it over time. If you will need us to do such maintenance for you, of course that’s also possible.



As mentioned above, we adhere to develop all systems using open source products. Using such tools enables you to avoid paying royalties or any fees to 3rd parties. On the other hand, we give you the piece of mind of using such a product with our warranty. OMTech guarantees full functional operation of your site and commits that your site will be up and running as it was originally designed to be.